Akuma to Duet

Title: Akuma to Duet
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Volume(s): 1 Volume (Complete)
Summary: None @ This Moment

Joint With HaruHime

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released
Chapter 2 – Released
Chapter 3 – Released
Chapter 4 – Released
Extra – Released

  • Thank you so much!

  • Prism girl

    Pls dont end this pls chibi manga

  • Neva

    THANK YOU sooo much for your hard work and for releasing ch.4!!! You are really super great!!!

  • Halomarie

    Ummm… Not to sound pushy, but…. I was wondering, when is Ch.4 and the extra coming out….. Please. I know how hard scantlators work (I am a pr for a different group) But I love this series. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK.

    • we already working for the last chapter of it and we will release it soon ^^

      • Wave

        Good luck, hope you finish it soon

  • Riku

    Please for all that is sane in this world DO NOT drop this manga it’s all I have left to live for everything else is either gone off the deep end or they were are never gonna update so please for my sanity do not drop it


    • We dont dropped it. we currently working on the last chapter of it ^^

  • Ai-chan

    Arigatou Gozaimasu…. watashi wa suki desu… <3

  • Natalie

    I noticed that it has been a long time sense this manga was updated. Please do not drop thus manga. Your scantalations and translations are of really good quality, and I absolutely love this manga. If you would continue working on it, the other readers and I would be very happy. ^-^