December Release #7

Hi guys! I’m so sorry if we dont have any release this few days (Just busy this past few days since its a busy week for most of us XD). Anyway, we have a release today for our lovely readers and we hope you guys enjoy reading them ^^. But first, WE’RE REALLY NEED A HUGE HELP (T_T). We’re really short of funds this month to buy MAGAZINE AND RAW MANGA 🙁 . To Donate, kindly click the “DONATE” button on the right side. Any amount you could Donate, would be really appreciated!

Anyway, we hope that all of you are gonna enjoy our release today because we will release:

Getsuyoubi Kara Kataomoi – Ch3+5 Extra

ReRe Hello – Ch15

so download it now in our FORUM and enjoy Reading our latest Release!!! also, please don’t forget to thank the staffs that did their best to finish it.

Also, we Really Needed a:

Scanner/Raw Provider (Someone has subscribed to Nakayoshi/Margaret/Ribon)

Reliable Editors (Can edit at least 1 Chapter a week)

Japanese Translator

So Help us to release more Manga for all of you. Join us Now!!!