Dropped Projects

This is the list of Manga That We Already Dropped.

– Sarasah
– Koi Dano Ai Dano
– Runway no Koibito
– Taiyou no ie
– Otome to Meteor
– 31-Ai Dream

  • Alo Alo

    Can yall update the dropped projects??? pls

    • Chibi Manga

      thats all the series that we dropped

  • Kitty-chan

    Hi Chibi Manga,
    Have you heard of “Hatsukoi Succubus”? Only twp chapters were translated (by Shoujo Crusade, but was dropped three years ago and the group is no longer active). Whenever you can, could you please translate the remaining of the series?


  • Alexa

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the hardwork. I’m just wondering if you’re interested in translating Venus Wa Kataomoi, it’s been dropped for too long even though the story is utterly interesting and remarkable.

    I have the raws scanned for the remaining Volumes 8-12 that haven’t been scanlated and I can give it anytime.

    Thanks, have a good day! Cheerio

    • sorry but we really cant work on it at this moment 🙁

  • hi
    i have wauted for such a long time for miunohiri to swan to come out but its not coming out. do you know the reason why? if you have made it could you please work on it faster as i have waited for 2 years!!!!

    • sorry. but right now, we cant pick any new manhwa at this moment 🙁

  • Jessica

    Hey have you guys heard of Boku no Uchi ni Oide? There are currently three translated chapters out right now, but no release in almost six months. It had a very interesting plotline, nothing like I’ve read before. Any chance you would be able to pick this up?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • will think about it if we will going to pick this as our project

  • Ciiena

    Hi, Chibi!
    Have you heard of a manga “Hoshizora no Karusu”? A chapter of it has been released but nothing more for more than a year, the last up date was April 4, 2013. The raw for chapter 33 has also been released. It’s a great manga, will Chibi Manga scans plan to pick it up in the near future?

    • will think first on it if we should pick this as our project 🙂

  • Lilli

    Why did you drop Otome to Meteor? Is another group working on it?

    • already work by other group 🙂

      • Lilli

        Thank you very much for letting me know!

  • Sona

    Do you know if Ojousama Wa Oyomesama is still being scanned/translated etc? If not, I’d love it if you could pick that up ^^

  • Juni

    Hi.. Thank you for all your hard work. I think your all do great work and I really appreciate all that you do. Quick question.. I wondered if you would be interested in picking up Hatsukare by TOUMORI Miyoshi. This manga hasn’t been worked on in two years and it’s such a good manga that it would be a shame if wasn’t completed. Here is a link to the summary if you’re interested. Thank you so much.


  • Stacie

    I appreciate all the hard work you do for us readers. Is there any chance you would scan Uwasa no Midori-kun!!. It seems the group who was working on it dropped it as its been a year and its incomplete. Since the series is complete it would be great to have the scans finished as well. If you can, wonderful. If not, I understand. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the next chapter in Suki desu Suzuki-kun!!


    • well, we need to finish this project first. but we will think if we will pick this one as our project

      • Stacie

        Thanks so much for considering it.

  • Aya

    I love the ‘Sarasah’ manhwa. I have recently read it, and it’s one of my favorites of historical manhwas, the heroine is adorable. i am shocked that it’s dropped. You guys did a brilliant job translating this thus far. I just hope you will continue this once again. The latest chapter was a cliffhanger, it would be a shame not to know what happens next.
    Anyway, thanks for the updates so far.

  • DIAN

    Why did you drop koi dano ai dano?,>_<,

  • Ba

    Hey! Thanks for all those things you’ve made for us :B I have one question: Why did you drop Taiyou no Ie? >.< I really love this manga so I hope you guys could translate more chapters :C

    • its already working by other group 🙂

      • Ba

        OMG, I didn’t know that until now!, so sorry!!
        Anyways, thanks 😀

  • Gloria

    i know you guys are busy with other manga but is it possible if sometime in the future you translate ‘Kimi to Himitsu no Hanazono’ ? it was dropped and it seems no ones going to re-pick it up. BUT I’M NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO. its by ‘Hayashi Mikase’ so i think you already know her/his other works. (and sorry if you read this in a mean way, i didnt want to seem like i was sucking up to you guys)

    • im not quite sure for it. but will try to put it on our list if possible

  • Alice

    Dear Chibi manga scans,
    I know that you may already be very busy with translating other manga or very tight on money for buying raw manga but I really want to read inorihime wa sora ni warau. Other scanalation groups have dropped it because of a lack of raws to translate. But I just want you to take into consideration that if you do have extra money or time to finish it please, or at least tell other groups about it.The suspense is killing me!!!!

    • will going to think on it first before we pick this up. 🙂

  • P?nk

    I would like to thank you for everything that you are doing. I really appreciate it. Manga’s are so, so fun and I love to read them when I am trying to relax. I know you are all working hard, but if I could I would like to put in my recommendation to continue namida usagi. I just finished reading what was already released and loved it so bad!!!!!! I can’t wait for much more.

    Thank you!!!

    • we didnt dropped namida usagi we currently editing it and its on our upcoming release

  • Hi Chibi Manga! \(^_^)v
    I’m so excited to send you this message!
    I really like Chibi Manga’s work >w<

    Can you please, please, pleasee continue translating/editing Stand Up!!! ?
    I'm so addicted to that manga and really-really-really want to see the next chapter.

    Oh, is there any Indonesian volunteer/worker/member in Chibi Manga Scanlation?

    Please reply me 🙂

    Me 🙂

    • Ummm….. im not quite sure which “Stand Up!!” manga is it. do you have a link for that manga?

  • Ann

    Dear Chibi Manga,
    I really enjoy you work you do a great job with the translation! I was reading Alice Binetsu an I think you guys were the ones who did it so I was wondering if its been dropped cuz there arent that many good sports manga out there (that I can find) so i was just wondering. If its dropped do you no any good sports manga (love sports :P)

    Sincerely, ME! ;D

    • We didnt dropped it. its on our ongoing project 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Dear Chibimanga,

    Thank you very much for your hard work! Thank you for constantly updating mangas! According to mangaupdates.com, your group used to scan and translate the manhwa “Sarasah.” I was just wondering whether your group plans to pick it up again.


    • Well, right now, i cant say the we will re-pick this project dues that its licensed in English