Question: Can I post your download link somewhere else?
Answer: NO! we have forbidden it!

Question: How we will know if the Manga Project is release?
Answer: It’s Simple; just visit our main site or our forum to download our new releases.

Question: When will the next chapter of a certain manga comes out?
Answer: When it’s good and ready. It’s quite a job, working on them! The work needs a bunch of people and it’s not exactly as fast as you think. If you’d like to see faster releases of a certain series, go ahead and apply for the translator or editor positions to see if you can help make faster releases.

Question: Where can I download the new releases?
Answer: New Release can only download at the forum. link of new release will be posted on the main site within 3-5 days.

Question: Can we upload or host your manga scans?
Answer: Email me to know our Answer. After we agree, you MUST wait 3 days from our release date until you are able to host it. Also, DO NOT steal our scans (ie. claiming it’s yours) or sell them.

Question: May I translate your scans in another language?
Answer: Yes. But in exchange, kindly include our credit page and recruitment page when your group release it in different language.