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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 50110 times)


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No spamming!
- This is a forum, try to keep on topic as much as possible.
- Anything under one line is a spam, add more to what you have to say

Don't create two of the same topics!
- Before creating a new topic, check if it was already created before.

Keep foul language to a minimal, none is even better.
- If you have to put it in, ****, young members use this board.

No bashing
- Everyone has their own opinion, respect others and they'll respect you back, we will not tolerate any bashing, everyone should be respectful towards each other.

No illegal stuff!
- Such as porn as such likes, don't do it!

Keep sexual content to a minimum
- Younger members use this forum, keep sexual language to a minimum.

Be respectful to all Administrator, Staff and to all members.
- this is to avoid flame wars and such likes.
- If you want respect then give people respect.

No arguing with staff.
-One of the staff members will Report in Admin and put a warning on your account if you break any rules.

Create Just 1 ACCOUNT in the Forum!
- if we know that you make many accounts in the Forum, be prepared for the consequence.

Log-on in the Forum at least Once a Month
- If you donít log on for more than 60 days, thereís a probability that your account will be deleted.

Do not talk in other languages other than English. If you do post something in another language... translate it into English.
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