Happy 9th Anniversary Chibi Manga (Part 9)

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Hi guys! Yesterday is the Special day because its the day that our group is born 🙂 So today, We have a batch release for our lovely readers and im sure you guys will enjoy our release for today. But before you guys read our release, We really need a HUGE HELP from our readers! We are SHORT OF FUNDS this month to RENEW OUR WEB HOSTING, BUY MAGAZINE AND RAW MANGA. To Donate, kindly click the “DONATE” button on the right side. Any amount you could Donate, would be really appreciated!! So enjoy reading the following release:

Mainichi Kiss Shite ii Desu ka? – Ch8
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet – Ch44
Hana ni Nare – Ch87
Boys Kingdom 2 – Story 1-5 (END)

Also, we really need more help from all of you. we really need more “Donation” so, we can buy more RAW MANGA AND RELEASE IT FOR ALL OF YOU. so, Any amount you could Donate, would be really appreciated!

Also, we Really Needed a:


So Help us to release more Manga for all of you. so, Join us Now!!!

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