Kedamono Kareshi

Title: Kedamono Kareshi
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Volume(s): 13 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: After the re-marriage of her mother, she went to her former city. but, she’ll meet again a mean boy!

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released
Chapter 2 – Released
Chapter 3 – Released
Chapter 4 – Released
Chapter 5 – Released
Chapter 6 – Released
Chapter 7 – Released

Volume 2
Chapter 8 – Released
Chapter 9 – Released
Chapter 10 – Released
Chapter 11 – Released
Chapter 12 – Released
Chapter 13 – Released
Chapter 14 – Released
Extra – Released

Volume 3
Chapter 15 – Released
Chapter 16 – Released
Chapter 17 – Released
Chapter 18 – Released
Chapter 19 – Released
Chapter 20 – Released

Volume 4
Chapter 21 – Released
Chapter 22 – Released
Chapter 23 – Scanned; Translated; Proofreading; Editing;
Chapter 24 – Scanned; Translated; Proofreading; Editing;
Chapter 25 – Scanned; Translated; Proofreading; Editing;

  • Hana

    Thank you so much for your work on this! I’m really enjoying it!
    Thank you! 😀

  • Hikari

    thanks for picking up this project 🙂

  • Pilar

    Thanks for sharing this funny manga!!! \(^-^)/

    Why can I not download from chapters 11 to 14?

    • Hi. Ch11-13 links are up. latest chapters can be download to our forum 🙂

  • Ella

    It’s already been a year. I really love this series, so I’m kind of sad it’s been put off so long.

    • we are aware on it. im really sorry for waiting it long but dont worry, we already prepare tons of chapters of it and we will release it this month 😀

      • Ella

        thank you!! ~ they look great!

  • ILM

    Thank you guys so much for translating the manga! Keep up the fantastic work!

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    like the manga, looking forward to the next chapter <3

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    SUPER CUTE! Can’t wait for more!!!

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    I am very happy you translate this manga. I am studying Japanese, but it is easier to read it in English^^
    I like the story and are waiting for the next chapters 🙂

  • Mew

    YEAH! Thanks again; by chance do you guys have a set date yet, or is still unpredictable?

    • We already set the date for it. we just finalizing the release 😀

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    Hi !
    I’m so thankful that you don’t drooped this manga !!! And really I can’t wait (I’m sorry to be like that …).
    In any case I’m grateful and I’m enjoy because of your work (I just want too much too fast °_°
    I trully hope your team will continu on that way

    • Thanks and we appreciate it ^^. dont worry, we already prepared it and we already set the release date of it ^^

  • Mew

    Are you guys still working on this manga or has it been dropped and picked up by another group? Either way, thanks for the chapters! The art is really neat; I hope to see more!!! =^-0=

    • We dont dropped this manga! we already preparing the rest of the chapter of ti and we currently buying the volume 2 of it too