Title: Momoiro Heaven!
Genre: Romance, School Life, Drama, Comedy, Smut
Volume(s): 13 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: At first glance, Shiina Momoko, looks like a typical high school girl, however, she really is an erotica novelist and a virgin at the same time! She’s been continuing her father’s legacy as “Aihara George” since his death. Inui Ranmaru, on the other hand, is a popular super model. He loves women and everything perverted. He enrolled in the same school as Momoko. And due to some unexpected events, he discovered Momoko’s secret; thus, she became his slave. What will the girls in the school do if they find out all about this?


Volume 4
Chapter 13Released
Chapter 14Released
Chapter 15Released
Chapter 16Released

Volume 5
Chapter 17Released
Chapter 18Released
Chapter 19Released
Side StoryReleased

Volume 5
Chapter 20Released
Chapter 21Released
Chapter 22Released
Chapter 23Released

Volume 6
Chapter 24Released