Momoiro Heaven!

Title: Momoiro Heaven!
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Smut
Volume(s): 13 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: None @ This Moment.

Volume 4
Chapter 13 – Released
Chapter 14 – Released
Chapter 15 – Released
Chapter 16 – Released

Volume 5
Chapter 17 – Released
Chapter 18 – Released
Chapter 19 – Released
Side Story – Released

Volume 6
Chapter 20 – Released
Chapter 21 – Released
Chapter 22 – Released
Chapter 23 – Released

Volume 7
Chapter 24 – Released
Chapter 25 – Released
Chapter 26 – Released
Chapter 27 – Released

Volume 8
Chapter 28 – Released
Chapter 29 – Released
Chapter 30 – Released
Chapter 31 – Released

Volume 8
Chapter 32 – Released
Chapter 33 – Released
Chapter 34 – Translating;
Chapter 35 – Translating;

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    Thank you for uploading! This is one of my favorite mangas, and I was so excited to see that it updated. I really appreciate the hard work.

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    Former cleaner and proofreader for TZA group and Lively Scans (now known as Outerworld Scans ). Did little typesetting as well. Still have the raws for Momoiro Heaven! Vol. 09 – 12 End (Chapter 32 to the last Extra). Could clean them up for you and pass them along….

    Could barely see captcha field on this site though.

    • kindly send us an email at our contact us page 🙂 will wait for your email

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    Really love this manga been waiting years for its new release . I was just wondering since its completed how long it will take for you to translate it to English . Or if you are still working on this manga to begin with . Please don’t drop it .

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    • the editor of this manga is on hiatus but dont worry. there’s someone who edit for us so we will release it very soon!

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