Nijiiro Days

Title: Nijiiro Days
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Volume(s): 13 Volumes (Ongoing)
Summary: There on the other and Na-chan, wh’os bullying, and on the other side Mattsun who’s popular. there’s also Megumi-chan who’s a sadic and Tsuyobon who’s an anime otaku. And then those 4 are interweaving with both of their year and that’s the beginning of silly and thrilling love stories. But at christmas eve, the heartbroken Nacchan met someone who has the uniform of Santa?!

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released
Chapter 2 – Released
Chapter 3 – Released

Volume 2
Chapter 4 – Released
Side Story 1 – Released
Chapter 5 – Released
Rainbow Girl – Released
Side Story 3 – Released

Volume 3
Chapter 5.5 – Released
Chapter 6 – Released
Chapter 7 – Released
Chapter 8 – Released
Chapter 9 – Released
Extra – Released

Volume 4
Chapter 10 – Released
Chapter 11 – Released
Chapter 12 – Released
Chapter 13 – Released
Chapter 14 – Released
Side Story – Released

Volume 5
Chapter 15 – Released
Chapter 16 – Released
Chapter 17 – Released
Chapter 18 – Released
Side Story – Released

Volume 6
Chapter 19 – Released
Chapter 20 – Released
Chapter 21 – Released
Chapter 22 – Released

Volume 7
Chapter 23 – Released
Chapter 24 – Scanned; Translating;
Chapter 25 – Scanned; Translating;

  • Blue

    Omg this manga is so cute and sweet; I love the characters and how they each make a couple instead of some big harem or love triangle.

    Thanks for picking it up guys! =)

  • Danny

    thank you so much for all the hard work! 🙂

  • Lily

    I LOVE this manga so much! I keep recommending it everyone lol. Thank you so much for your hard work since it always seems like the chapters have a lot of pages and a lot of dialogue! I look forward to new chapters! 🙂

  • Guest

    I want mooooooore!
    This manga is soooo good.

  • Fangirl

    This series is such a refreshing change from the normal shoujo manga! Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys have put in =D looking forward to many more chapters of awesomeness!

  • kass

    This manga is great, thanks for the hard work translating it! Is the next chapter coming out any time soon?

    • we currently working on the next chapter on it and it will be up soon 🙂

  • Kaitlyn

    I was just wondering if you guys were going to release a chapter soon?

  • aika

    Hi, when will you release the latest chapter? They already released until volume 4 in Japan! This manga is so good! Thanks anyway~

    • we currently editing the next chapter of it. we will try our best to release it as soon as possible, thanks

  • Hu

    Thank youuuu<3

  • iva

    hi guys !
    and 2nd- i wanted to ask when you are going to release the 5th chapter of nijiiro days, its been almost a year since the 4th chapter..its a really awesome manga !
    could you just say if its going to be anytime soon, i know that you have many projects so i dont really expect anything…but i hope !!! x’DD
    i will patiently look forward to it !! ;))

    • Thanks ^^. dont worry. it will really be release VERY VERY SOON 😀