To join the our group, kindly Contact us Here. Right now, we are currently looking for:

Scanners/Raw Providers: (Someone has subscribed to Petit/Nakayoshi/Margaret/Aria Magazine)
Job: They take the original manga and scan the pages for us to edit and translate from.
Requirements: They must have the manga volumes (or know where to get them) and be able to scan them for us to use.

Job: We send them raws and they translate every single bit of text that they can read and put it in a word document.
Requirements: They must know how to speak the language and how to translate it into English.

Proof Readers: ***CLOSED AT THIS MOMENT***
Job: Check grammar, rephrase what needs to be rephrased, and fix any mistakes.
Requirements: They must know how to speak, write, and read English and know how to correct grammatical mistakes. It’ll also be good if the proofreader can speak the language it was translated from (though it’s not required).

Editors (Cleaners, Re-drawers And Typesetters):
Job: They edit the pages to be like a real manga. Editors need to clean scans and typeset English translations and English sfx.
Requirements: They must have basic knowledge of Photoshop and some experience with editing.

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