ReRe Hello

Title: ReRe Hello
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Volume(s): 12 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: When she was 5, she lost her mother. Since then, Ririko has to help out her father. Her father started a company of handyman. but then, something horrible happened…

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released
Chapter 2 – Released
Chapter 3 – Released
Extra – Released
Chapter 4 – Released

Volume 2
Chapter 5 – Released
Chapter 6 – Released
Chapter 7 – Released
Chapter 8 – Released

Volume 3
Chapter 9 – Released
Chapter 10 – Released
Chapter 11 – Released
Side Story – Released

Volume 4
Chapter 12 – Released
Chapter 13 – Released
Chapter 14 – Released
Chapter 15 – Released
Extra – Released

Volume 5
Chapter 16 – Released
Chapter 17 – Released
Chapter 18 – Released
Chapter 19 – Released

Volume 6
Chapter 20 – Scanned; Translated; Proofreading;
Chapter 21 – Scanned; Translated; Proofreading;

  • Rose

    This series is so cute and refreshing. Thank you so much for working on this series! I know I’m not the only one who appreciates your hard work! Keep it up! 😀

  • Hero! I just came by to say THANKS A LOT for this awesome manga!! Even though the plot is a simple slice of life it´s just so great to read it! The characters are so likeable. I really wish to see this as anime.
    Thanks a lot chibi staff for your hard work! (and for so many other mangas too!)

  • Nekotan

    Today I started reading this manga and I absolutely loved it!! <3 (I'm a shoujo manga fan ^^") The story is really nice and not boring at all to read. So thank you very much for the team for providing such a great manga~! (/^w^)/
    Also I wanted to ask about something that I noticed.. Why is it called ReRe Hello while I saw at some pages written in katakana リリハロ?? (リ-ri, RiRi??)

    • thanks for your question, its post too on the cover page too

  • Miyuki

    Loved a lot this manga! Thanks so much for be translating it! I’ve being tired of reading many shoujo manga with those annoying female characters, but I just love Ririko and Suoh is really cute >.<

  • Karina

    So cute and interesting, please don’t drop this manga!

  • D

    Thank you so much for providing us with this manga. Does anyone know if this will just be one volume, or will it go on after chapter four? In other words in this manga already completed, or is it ongoing?

  • Jhay

    Super cute and promising story. Thanks for translating this for us! (^∇^)