Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss!

Title: Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss!
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Volume(s): 6 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: The moody, picturesque him. The puppy-like me who wants to express my love. I wonder if we can grasp this love well.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Released
Chapter 2 – Released
Chapter 3 – Released
Chapter 4 – Released
Chapter 5 – Scanned; Translated; Pr-ed; Editing

Volume 2
Chapter 6 – Scanned; Translated; Pr-ed; Editing
Chapter 7 – Scanned; Translated; Pr-ed; Editing

  • xiashenghan

    Good thing I checked your website and saw this. So far I like the story. It reminds me of STROBE EDGE and I like it.

    Thanks for translating this manga and will be looking forward to your releases.

  • Mara

    The first time I read Seifuku de Vanilla Kiss I was blushing like mad >.< The main heroine is so cute and innocent szfndrbg but at the same time the main guy is really well drawn with sharp features bUT ALSO A TSUNDERE??? (RED ALERT RED ALERT) Anyways I'm really excited to see how this manga continues. Thank you for all the hard work so far!

    • thank you very much for reading it . we will do our best to finish the next chapter asap 🙂

  • Light

    This manga is so cute. I can’t wait for the next chapter. <3

  • Yess! You folks are the bomb to be working on this freshest title by Yagami Rina sama. I cannot wait, it sounds delosh!