Title: Sensei Kunshu
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Volume(s): 13 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: Ayu saw the boy she loves, the handsome teacher Hiromitsu, throwing away a nice girl. But then, Hiromitsu is treating her so hard… Ayu’s real lessons will start!


Volume 1
Chapter 1Released
Chapter 2Released
Chapter 3Released
Chapter 4Released
Extra – Scanned; Translating

Volume 2
Chapter 5Released
Chapter 6Released
Chapter 7Released
Chapter 8Released

Volume 3
Chapter 9Released
Chapter 10Released
Chapter 11Released
Chapter 12 – Scanned; Translating

Volume 4
Chapter 13 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 14 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 15 – Scanned; Translating

5 thoughts on “Sensei Kunshu

  1. First I would like to say THANK YOU soooo much for translating this series. I love love it! It’s been while since there was a release. I hope all is fine with you. Again Thank you!!!

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