Ani-tachi no Aisarete, Korosarete.

Title: Ani-tachi ni Aisarete, Korosarete.
Genre: Drama, Harem, Mature, Mystery, Romance,Shoujo, Smut
Volume(s): 1 Volume (Complete)
Summary: Am I married? Will I die? Our destinies began to go crazy because of our grandfather’s will… After their parents died, Mahiru, an ordinary college student has been living with her triplet brothers with whom she has no blood relationship with. Deeply loved by the brothers, the grandfather passes away, leaving behind a legacy of 15 billion yen. The will says “One of the triplets should get married with Mahiru or give all the fortune to the one who kills her!”. A love mystery where the hidden emotions of brothers and sister move around the legacy of their grandfather!


Volume 1
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