Who are we?
– We are a shoujo/josei scanlation group that voluntarily works for FREE for fans by fans. We do all of our work during our free time.

How long have we been around?
– We are 11 years old already 🙂
We formed in August 2009.

What type of manga does Chibi Manga specialize in?
– Shoujo and Josei genres!

How does Chibi Manga choose its projects?
– The short answer: Lots of ways, but the main reason is if it grabs the interest of Chibi Manga.

Chibi Manga goes about choosing projects in a number of ways. Including looking at manga magazines for releases, buying manga online (after looking at the sample), and upon the requests we get through Facebook and email (after checking if its available elsewhere)! So feel free to suggest manga series to us!

What are our thoughts on sniping?
– Chibi Manga considers sniping* to not be good especially when done with malicious intent. However we understand that sometimes multiple groups pick up the same projects. If this does happen Chibi Manga will continue to work on a project as we recognize that both projects are valid. All scanlations and scanlation groups are valid to do the same and we believe concurrent projects are not done on purpose or with malicious intent. There are many translations or interpretations of manga series, and they can all be appreciated by fans. Also, all of our releases are intended to be for our website only and not to be uploaded to 3rd party.

Why did Chibi Manga decide to pull their scanlations from MangaDex website?
– Simple. We don’t want to create any competition against other groups just because we release the same series and chapters as other groups.

Where does Chibi manga post updates?
– We post our updates ONLY to our websites and social media accounts. NO MORE, NO LESS!!! Any 3rd party updates do not come from our group and we don’t have any control of those sites.

Does Chibi manga have a say in where else their chapters get posted?
– Chibi Manga does not have any say with the third party manga sites that choose to repost out work. Please note that we do not endorse nor appreciate this and have kindly asked sites to stop with no success. Additionally if you happen to be someone who uploads to a third party site we ask that you refrain from doing so.

Why does Chibi Manga ask for donations?
– Simple. We use the donations for our monthly expenses (Buying manga magazines, manga tankoubons and monthly web hosting server).

How can you get involved?
– There are many ways! You can send a DM, message us at our FB page, or go to our website and click the “Join us” (http://www.chibimanga.info/join-us/)

What is it like to work with Chibi Manga?
– When asked, the staff flooded our LINE group chat with wonderful, kind, and positive responses. Some of which you will see in the collage below. To summarize, some of our staff say that they do this as a hobby because they were already passionate about manga, had been long time readers of CM, and found the working environment enjoyable, friendly, and welcoming.

What are the expectations for working with Chibi Manga?
– Generally, just do what you can do. First and foremost this is a hobby for everyone. There are no deadlines and no rushing. If something occurs in your personal life that prevents you from helping out, then it’s alright. Members will need to take time off at times. What will happen when you join is that you will receive your project through email, complete it whenever you can, and then send it back. Usually the next day you will get your next assignment.

Can I post your download link somewhere else?
– NO! we have forbidden it!

How we will know if the Manga Project is release?
– It’s Simple; just visit our main site or our forum to download our new releases.

When will the next chapter of a certain manga comes out?
– When it’s good and ready. It’s quite a job, working on them! The work needs a bunch of people and it’s not exactly as fast as you think. If you’d like to see faster releases of a certain series, go ahead and apply for the translator or editor positions to see if you can help make faster releases.

Where can I download the new releases?
– New Release can only download at the forum. link of new release will be posted on the main site within 3-5 days.

May I translate your scans in another language?
– Yes. But in exchange, kindly include our credit page and recruitment page when your group release it in different language.