Ikenai Kiss wo Shiyou

Title: Ikenai Kiss wo Shiyou
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Smut, Drama
Volume(s): 2 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: Even then, I still love you… Love and sex that are prohibited are written in the omunibus collection!

*FILE1: Rina
Rina can’t forget the extremely handsome man that she met at the club. And that man appears as a trainee teacher…!?

*FILE 2: Aoi
Aoi and Eisuke are currently sex friends. Soon she realizes that the feelings in the kiss that he gave her are the same feelings as hers…!?

*FILE3: Mayu
Mayu became Haruma’s (the person her friend likes) model for his drawing. Although she knows she shouldn’t, but the feelings she feels when he gazes at her…!?

Volume 1
Story 1 – Scanned; Translating
Story 2 – Scanned; Translating
Story 3 – Scanned; Translating
Story 4 – Scanned; Translating