July Release #5

Hello Fellow readers!!! We have a NEW RELEASE today for all readers and We hope you guys will enjoy reading them.

For today’s release, we present to you:
Sakura, Saku – Ch30

Also, Chibi Manga needs new members. We are currently looking for the following:

Japanese Translators
Editors (Combination of Cleaning, Re-draw and Typeset)

To join, kindly click this LINK or go to our “Join Us” Page!

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One thought on “July Release #5

  • July 15, 2023 at 9:42 am

    FL is so annoying and so is the childhood friend. One is trying push him away by saying you don’t love me but actually love the childhood friend when he already clearly told her that the one he loves is you but is so stubborn to believe him and other one is selfishly putting him in a position where she won’t back off after even after rejecting him away. Now that he’s giving her 0 shit, it hurt her ego. Both 1st and 2nd FLs are trash and the one who’s played between them is poor Haruki.


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