Nanoka no Kare

Title: Nanoka no Kare
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, School Life
Volume(s): 14 Volumes (Complete)
Summary: First confession in life. but to see the face only a moment after confession!? calm and deep love story is about to begin.


Volume 1
Chapter 1Released
Chapter 2Released
Chapter 3Released
Chapter 4Released
Chapter 5Released
Chapter 6Released

Volume 2
Chapter 7Released
Chapter 8Released
Chapter 9Released
Chapter 10Released
Chapter 11Released
Chapter 12Released

Volume 3
Chapter 13Released
Chapter 14Released
Chapter 15Released
Chapter 16Released
Chapter 17Released
Chapter 18Released

Volume 4
Chapter 19Released
Chapter 20Released
Chapter 21Released
Chapter 22Released
Chapter 23Released
Chapter 24Released

Volume 5
Chapter 25Released
Chapter 26Released
Chapter 27Released
Chapter 28Released
Chapter 29Released
Chapter 30 – Scanned; Translating

Volume 6
Chapter 31 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 32 – Scanned; Translating