Shousetsuka-sama wa, Monmon Shitagaru

Title: Shousetsuka-sama wa, Monmon Shitagaru
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Josei
Volume(s): 1 Volumes (Ongoing)
Summary: Cheerful Emi started her work as a housekeeper. Whenever, the guy, who lives in the house, gets absorbed into a novel he makes a dive into the spiritual world! All of a sudden, Emi is made into a scene model and gets her breast massaged…! Emi gets endlessly entangled in his dirty illusion dive. It’s the start of living together with a horny novelist.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 2 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 3 – Scanned; Translating
Chapter 4 – Scanned; Translating