Suki da Suki da Suki da

Title: Suki da Suki da Suki da
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Volume(s): 1 Volume (Complete)
Summary: Even I get it wrong or broken…it just, my beloved “I will do anything just to be together right at Sae-senpai side”

Even though I dislike man but he has made my heart melted, my university junior kudo-kun. But…no matter how much he love me, to commit this sin, made me fail as a human…broken apart. That is what I thought of, why? With a face that about to cry he willing to give me his soul, bone, cell and anything to me, The attachment from kudo kun towards me is deep, my heart is trembling with anxiety.

Volume 1
Story 1 – Scanned; Translating
Story 2 – Scanned; Translating